Soc Trang

    The project took place in the village of Tân Long, in the Soc Trang province, on the delta of the Mekong river.

    Project’s goals

    The project started in February 2015 with the aim of:

    • Building and donate 9 new homes for families living in wooden huts, with no running water and no toilets;
    • Buy 2 cows for two other families;
    • Buy 200 chicks to help another family to start up a small chicken farm;
    • Support 18 families with children through a monthly financial support to help them cope with the daily expenses. The monthly contribution was from 20 Euros to 60 Euros for the most serious cases.

    Whate we have done

    Since the beginning of the project we have achieved all objectives and we still continue to support 10 families with children.

    Moreover, in April 2017, we financed the heart surgery for Mr. Kiêm, the father of two children from one of the families we still help.

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    Cost to build a new house

    The costs for building a house were as follows :

    One bedroom house:
    65.000.000 VND ≈ 2.600 Euro

    Two bedrooms house :
    81.000.000 VND ≈ 3.200 Euro

    One of the families to whom we donated a new house

    One of the families to whom we donated a new house

    The new house

    The new house

    It is thanks to your help if we can continue taking care, every day, of those who live in extreme difficult conditions

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