The project takes place in some of the highland villages of  the Gia Lai province, about 50 km from the town of Pleiku

    Project’s goals

    The project has the following objectives:

    • Build 8 new homes for families living in wooden huts or shacks, without running water and toilets;
    • Purchase powdered milk to be distributed every week to about 300 children from different villages;
    • Purchase clothes and shoes for 120 children;
    • Donate plastic chests of drawers to 40 families;
    • Distribute soap, both for personal hygiene and for washing clothes, for 50 families, to be distributed every 3 months;
    • Purchcase 300 clothes hangers for around 150 families.

    What we have done

    Since the beginning of the project we have:

    • Built and donated 16 new houses to 16 families with children;
    • Distributed milk, every week, to about 300 children from different villages;
    • Purchased clothes and shoes for 120 children;
    • Purchased 40 plastic chests of drawers for as many families;
    • Distributed soap for the families of 2 villages every quarter;
    • Purchased 300 clothes hangers for around 150 families;
    • Purchased a cow for another family;
    • Built a playground for the children.
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    • 4 new houses with two bedrooms each:
      246.896.000 VND ≈ 10.000 Euro
      (Cos of one house ≈ 2.470 Euro)
    • 200 Kg of powder milk:
      18.125.000 VND ≈ 725 Euro
    • Clothes and shoes for 120 children:
      8.037.000 VND ≈ 325 Euro
    • 40 plastic chests of drawers:
      13.200.000 VND ≈ 550 Euro
    • Soap for 50 families for the first 9 months:
      17.290.000 VND ≈ 707 Euro
    • 300 clothes hangers:
      8.835.000 VND ≈ 361 Euro
    • One cow for one of the families:
      11.000.000 VND ≈ 440 Euro

    It is thanks to your help if we can continue taking care, every day, of those who live in extreme difficult conditions

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