Give them a better future

    Give them a better future

    Our vision

    Poverty and human being’s suffering have dramatic consequences, not only on those who are directly impacted by such a suffering but on all of us. If we understand that, then we will feel the need and urgency to help and care for those who suffer and live in extreme bad conditions as if they were our family members, especially the children. Mai Vision’s spirit is well described by the following beliefs:

    Urgency because every time a human being suffers, irrespective of the reason, it is an urgent matter. More than anything else, Urgency is what drives Mai Vision’s actions and projects.

    Commitment since those we help need to know that there are people who really care about them, people who are willing to put lots of effort to relieve their suffering, without expecting anything in return. This is what makes Mai Vision trustable and reliable to them as well as to those who support our initiatives and projects.

    Compassion because with lack of compassion nobody can really understand what suffering is or feel the real joy when suffering is relieved. Compassion is a kind of internal energy that pushes us to approach those who suffer with just a smile and with no prejudice of any kind.

    This is our vision of tomorrow, our “Mai Vision”. It is on that basis that we intend to continue on our path and with our projects, which are available to any sufferer, without any discrimination based on race, gender, place of origin, religious or political background.

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    Mai Vision

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